Please note that this post if full of generalisations. What I am trying to communicate is that our lives are frequently filled with noise (input) that quite often stifle our ability to do stuff (outputs).

We have a lot of noise in our day-to-day lives. We are saturated with stimuli that overcrowd our senses. The bombardment rarely stops in our personal lives and in our professional lives. Many people wake to the noise of an alarm. If they are the active type – they are likely to wire up and turn on their mobile audio device on a walk, bike ride, run etc.

The morning routine brings a conversation from a partner, children radio or television. On a workday, we hop into our cars, turn on the radio and commute to our workplace. Some take public transport and often take the opportunity to read a book, peruse a twitter or feedback feeds on mobile devices. Many professionals take the opportunity on longer public transport commutes to catch up on some work.

For those that work in an office environment, catching up with co-workers fills the first half an hour with some form of social engagement. Taking a place behind the the computer, it is fired up and email is frequently email is the first thing.

To have focus each day, we need to eliminate the noise and find clarity.