Many organisations want to recruit the smartest and brightest and harness that energy to drive innovation. But the operating environment of this generation does not fit into the traditional model of business.

As much as it challenges us who have worked within traditional paradigms, we need to think and work outside our comfort areas.

If we want the best from the smartest and brightest, we need to create an operational environment that they feel comfortable within, not an environment we traditionally feel comfortable with.

This means, that we need to look at our traditional methods and question whether they will allow the brightest and smartest to flourish and at the same time allow the traditional model to evolve.

This will strike at the very heart of many of us that are used to¬†control. All new people need to learn the ropes, but as traditionalist we need to accept that alternate approaches are not a “challenge from the young bull”, but rather an appreciation that the environment we operate within is changing.